Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Welcome to the gadget age of fitness, where you can buy anything from Apple watch to Garmin, Fitbit, Jawbone, and Polar loop just to name a few. At first I thought to myself what a crazy idea why do we need to track our every movement? I too had joined the Fitbit fever, always joining challenges and logging in to see where my steps are during the course of the day, as well as where my friends steps are.

So what did I do, I bought my husband one for Christmas, with visions of a little healthy competition between the two of us. As I said in the beginning to some people this may seem a little crazy, but for what ever reason it works for me. I never thought that I would enjoy looking at the steps I took, flights of stairs I've climbed or how much water and food I have consumed all in one place. I was however a little disappointed at first when I saw that my sleep pattern sucked, but hey it's not the gadgets fault. So to solve that issue I don't wear it at night. :)

So last week my husband and I were watching Mike & Molly, one of our favourite T.V. comedies. Their struggles with weight loss and food addiction are meant to be over exaggerated, but do speak to a large audience of people on some level. On this particular show Molly was so enthusiastic about her new Fitbit, (purple just like mine) and how it made her feel when completing the day's activities, this euphoria lead to her need to share this feeling of accomplishment with her family, mainly her husband.  I laughed alone with my husband at Mikes plans to mile up the Fitbit without actually wearing the Fitbit. As I was watching this I couldn't help but wonder about my own husband. I then began to think, am I the wife like Molly that forced my husband into this world of  moving? Did  I force my enthusiasm for a gadget on him? Possibly, but I decided not to ask. What I can hope for is that he likes the gadget as much as I do and a little healthy competition will soon begin.


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