Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Day 1

Here it is again the New Year and the start of what many people are saying DAY 1.

So what does day 1 mean? To many people it is about starting the New Year off with a clean slate and going full force into a new and healthier you. Well today is the 12th of January and I am cuiros as to how many have already said maybe next week.

I too have decided to also make soom changes this year, but not all at once, and I hope by keeping this blog I will meet all my goals by the end of the year, and I hope you will join me in my goal.

 I made three goals for this week. Drink more water, workout 4 times this week, and cut processed food. I can honestly say that all of these things are hard to do.

Water intake was low today, had the best intentions to drink all my water today but it is harder than one thinks. I know there is an App to remind me to drink my water I currently have about 4 of them on my phone, I am sure I will listen to one of them😈
My workout wasn't as long as it should have been today but did manage to get in a few moments. I did do cardio for an hour yesterday, so 1 more to go but I would love to get 2 more in😋

And yes so far so good no processed food. This one I don't find hard (yet) but we will see because soon the grandchildren will be over and we all know how that goes lol.

Hopefully by starting these small changes at the beginning of the year I will be ready for a challenge in the fall. I am not sure what I will pick. A 1/2 marathon, a hike across the wilderness for a few days or perhaps a Spartan race.


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